There's a Reason
I would of looked good for you
And maybe you would of spun me around
Just trying to get a good look at me
Showing me how to dance
As you held me close
Kissing my forehead every second and whispering into my ear
But I worried you wouldn't even want to go with me or care at all
Wouldn't even have figured out a way to take me

So I guess I'm glad we never kissed in the rain
And I guess I'm glad you never took me to the movies
And guess there's a reason we never danced together even just us

Since you already stole my first kiss forever
I'm glad I still have these things
So if I find another we can buy matching hoddies
And then we can trade off
So we each have each others scent as a comfort
So we'll never be apart
So there's a reason I still have these things to keep
There's a reason
© Somehuman

Friday, April 12th 11:12 PM 2024