a passersby of love
You look into the horizon
Faint is the sunlight on your hair
Choices though they are brazen
You made them you didn't care
And now you look into my eyes
Like you don't even know me
When I close my eyes
I'm crawling in the dark
Trying not to fall apart
But you never see me

I stand before you, a ghost unseen
Invisible in your gaze, lost in between
You look through me, not into my eyes
A hollow shell, a love that dies

I yearn for your touch, your soul's embrace
But you offer only a cold, distant face
Words that deceive, promises untrue
In a love that's tainted, a heart askew

In the silence of our empty nights
I search for a glimmer of truth, of light
But you keep me in the shadows, in the dark
A love that's fading, leaving its mark

I reach out for you, but you're out of reach
A love that's broken, a lesson to teach
In the depths of my despair, I cry
For a love that sees me, not passes me by
© jMaj161914