“Mirrored Reflection Thru My Admiration”

My Lover Girl With A Tad Bit Of Attitude
Here Come Them Arms Wrapped Around My Neck I Dont Have To Assume
I Learned To Watch My Tone With You
I Love You Because Of The Way You Love Me Couldn’t Be More True
You Been Searching For Me
Well Here I Am
Look At My Face When I Say I Miss You
Like Mary J Blidge Said
“If You Look At Life You’ll See What I See”
You Look Lost In A Daze
See Something You Like Baby?
We Don’t Have To Pretend, The World Is Our ls Baby
My Lips Belong To You
I’m Only Scratching The Surface Of You
Go Deeper Because There’s Layers To You

I Choose To Love Whats In My House Rather Than Outside My House
I Have A Flame In My Body That Stays Ignited
You Light The Sky Up When Darkness Feel Frightened
Grabbing You By Your Chin You So Pretty Baby
I Love This Woman
Keep You In Your Soft Girl Era
God Makes Sure You Only Believe Love When You Look In The Mirror

When’s The Last Time You’ve Been Touched This?
My Urge To Always Kiss You In The Sun
It Started Off As A Fantasy
Then Boom I Arrived Out Of Nowhere
I Love The Smile On Your Face Cause It Makes The Stars Shine
Each Moment With You Slows Down Time
Love Hearing Your Voice
It’s Mutual Obsession
It’s Just Us Even In A Room Full Of People
You Have Thing About You Baby
The Way You Brush Your Hand Across My Cheek
Just Kiss Me If You Can’t Speak
I’m Fucked Up Bout You Baby
This Picture Is Not Complete Without You
You’re Special To Me
More Than A Tap Kiss
Intimate Lip Lock Only I Never Miss

Happy I Made This Decision
See What Happens When You Speak Genuine Passion Into Fruition?
I Love How Unapologetically Soft You Are
Baby Has To Be Handled Gently
The Start And End Of Day Every It’ll Always Be Anything For You My Queen
The Way We Kiss You’d Think We’d Be Having A Kid On Any Scene
© PapaChev