Changing identity

As the seasons changes,
so is my heart,
each passing year brings,
it's own nostalgia.

The memories are created,
with the experience we gather,
new mask are decorated,
leaving behind the old ones.
Gone were the innocent days,
all our emotions were bare,
now every response is calibrated,
to avoid the prying stares.

Changed our likes,
changed were the outlook,
changed as we interact,
making friends in the student days.
The disappointments and frustrations,
gulping down of humiliations,
as we aspire to achieve,
suceed in the competitions.

Life is not bed of roses,
we bleed as we move,
building castles in the air,
living as an open book.
By hitting the book,
or covering our bases,
still there are days of biting bullets,
and go back to the drawing board.

We mature with every mistakes,
gain precious wisdom of world,
build a place in society,
and contribute our share.
Does it mellow us down,
making it easy to compromise,
as we lose the adventurous spirit...
valuing tranquility of life.

The days of freedom,
of explorations and escapades,
the rebellious heart of young,
got shadowed by the reality.
But the path is still long,
there would be many fellow travellers,
each bringing their point of view,
coloring us with each interactions.

The essence remains the same,
every moment has its change,
every phase, every situations
a shift of focus...each passing day.

© Dr. Manish Rout