In the realm of innocence and hope's birth,
Lies a precious right we must unearth.
A poem to shed light on a just cause,
Child's right to education, a universal applause.

From the moment a child breathes life's first air,
Their minds should be nurtured with utmost care.
For knowledge is a torch that sets hearts aflame,
Igniting curiosity, a thirst for a world to claim.

In every corner of this vast earth's reach,
Every child deserves to learn and teach.
A classroom, a haven where dreams take flight,
Where equal opportunities make darkness bright.

Let's rise above the barriers that divide,
And ensure education for each child wide.
For education is the key that unlocks doors,
To a future where every child soars.

Let classrooms be a sanctuary of equality,
Where souls bloom, minds flourish with clarity.
Let teachers be mentors, guiding with love and grace,
Empowering dreams to take their destined place.

No child should suffer, bound by ignorance's chains,
Their potential should never be restrained.
Let's dismantle every wall, every hurdle in sight,
So every child can reach their educational height.

For these little hearts embody our shared hope,
Guiding them through education, we can cope.
Together, let's build bridges that connect,
So, no child is left behind or to neglect.

In this tapestry of nations, let us all unite,
To ensure every child's future is bright.
For the right to education is a gift so profound,
Enabling children to soar, to create, to astound.

So let's cherish this right, let it be known,
Education for every child must be shown.
Through poems, through actions, let our voices be heard,
For child's right to education, let's spread the word.
#childright #education
© Alpha Creatives