Christmas Lights
January 4th, 5:48 PM

It's January the 4th
and soon the Christmas decorations will be replaced by the indifference of deep winter days.
Christmas lights blinded us from reality, creating a little idyll
where everything is good,
where everything is fine,
where the past can't reach us
and our eyes are too hazy from all champagne to focus on the future.
But then
that bubble breaks and reality settles in
between our ribs
behind our eyelids
and it weights heavy in our hearts.
When the lights turn off we are left alone with meaningless presents,
with a stomachache
and with the extra wrapping paper
with which we don't know what to do;
so we store it in the back of a drawer and forget about it until next Christmas
when everything will still be the same but we'll keep hoping that next year will be our year.
We hold onto Hope
like a lifeline.

Do not put sunglasses on
it's Christmas time
let's forget about that sickening feeling
from devastating realizations
of our own human condition
just for a little while.

© WeepingWillow