Paint Me Yours
paint me yellow,
as the sunflowers do to the field.
together singing songs of merry,
a bright tale of fairy.
paint me green,
as the forests do to the land.
where your light breaks in
through my canopy of skin.
paint me yellow or paint me green
for what i seek,
paint me yours.

paint me blue,
as the oceans reflect in our eyes.
for I m the shore,
always longing for your waves.
paint me orange,
as autumn does to the earth.
your love embracing me,
just like the fallen leaves do to dirt.
paint me orange or paint me blue
for what I seek,
paint me yours.

paint me blazing bright,
as the day does to the sky.
our love of dazzling power,
casting onto this whole world.
paint me in pitch dark,
as the night does to the space.
spilling our saudade,
into a empty cascade.
paint me bright or paint me dark
for what i seek,
paint me yours.

© Jeea

#nature #coloursoflife #poetrylovers