In the darkness of my mind, a battle rages on,
Youth struggling with demons, feeling all alone.
Depression's heavy chains, weighing down their soul,
But in this war for light, they'll find a way to be whole.

Through the storm of sadness, they'll find a guiding light,
A strength within that's shining, breaking through the night.
They'll rise above the shadows, conquer fear and doubt,
For in the depths of despair, hope will always sprout.

The scars of the struggle, a testament of might,
They'll wear them as a badge, a symbol of their fight.
No longer held captive, by the chains of their pain,
They'll soar like a phoenix, breaking free from the chain.

So to the youth in battle, know you're not alone,
You have the strength within you, to make your heart a home.
Keep fighting for tomorrow, let your spirit soar,
For in the end, you'll conquer, and darkness is no more.
© Danika Hume Collins Muckensturm