you lied to me in Paris,
when you said you love me.
the end of nothing, unexpected and true,
no time to prepare, no glimpse of you.
caught off guard, I couldn't ever see,
the profound impact you'd have on me.

in the halls of Hotel Le Milie Rose,
arm around your shoulder, so you can tell,
how much you meant to me,
swear it was sincere back then.
in the 10th arrondisement,
I could see you're faking,
but if you could see my thoughts,
you would see our faces.
but I'm not a kid no more
I don't think I can love like that anymore.

don't you remember?
you broke my heart that week,
it made me cry when I seen The Weeknd.
I don't think you meant the things you said to me,
nor what you put me through.
and there still were words unspoken, unsaid by you.
did you really mean to hurt me, as I dreamt of you?

© edw6rd