Rowing my boat with barely enough propulsion.

I consulted the peculiar idea of harboring calm with oriented compulsion.

Droopy eyes, sagging muscles,the audaciousness I battled with comes to the tugging trial.

If truth could be concocted it may have accessorised with a sharp tip pointed vial.

For once I arrive at the juncture with no weapons to wield,how do I go around?

Indomitable screams, shattered glasswares, walls scraped with thundering frustration,a tolerable venting surround.

Tears coursing down without a befitting excuse,an alarm of faulty generosity or unleashing the venomous frustration.

Stashed unnerving sentiments,muffled cries stifle in silence around public countenance,a pure vexing aggravation.

Tis the right to unwind in thy recluse instead of the mass concert of thy frenemies.

Oh my! incessant rants and insinuated
jests,thy predicament tickles a pandemonium of rumour lunatics.

Unanticipated double crossing, disappointments and severed relationships,most times prove surreal of journeying a matrix nightmare.

Trust a fragile asset to be bestowed and to bestow, many times underestimated,an honest evident swear.

In my possession are double tickets to the middle of nowhere,yea, Neverland.

Staring deeply at the haphazard layouts plastered across recklessly, I brood if the university of life had had a brochure beforehand.

On the blue tablestand lies my quill and parchment,solemn recluse compels the heart to grow numb with pain.

Prevalent ineluctable insanity of the man and his fellows coupled with the thrashing fists of life,a plaguing affliction none can restrain.

© @Opoku Francisca