I wanted to get my favorite poet on tonight
But my wifis tripping so I decided to write
It might not be her exact phrases
But basically she talked about how the heart amazes
in my words it's difficult to enjoy the ride
When you can't even get in the front seat
You Experience anxiety might have even cried
As you struggle and drag your feet
To atleast get to the handle
And open love's car door
The closer I get the hotter I feel..I'm a melted candle
Sweating fears Dripping on the wide spread floor
I swear to a broken soul love shakes you to the core
I tell myself not to overthink it I mean what's the worst that could happen?
As soon as I say that negativity takes over and my face saddens
Yet they still keep a torch lighted
Waiting for you to walk through
Many of your fears they have fighted
They part the seas you cannot do
Even tho you are scared
They are a drive worth risking for
They open the door as if they've always been there they have always cared.
for them you wouldn't mind feeling sore.

© eve_is_a_poet