A letter to my soul
There is no one to understand those tears
There is no one to see what your heart bears
Many come and claim they are there for you
But there comes a time when truth reveals its various hues
Then you get the clue
Of what is false and what is true
However closed up you stay
However much you smile by the day
At night you come to know what was venting up inside
When you realise you are alone with your shadow beside
Life has its own rules to abide
But how can you easily keep those emotions aside?
They say your sorrow shouldn't be out
Scream louder within, for nobody will ever hear that shout
You trust some people with your heart
But then it turns out betraying is their skillful art
You calm yourself down a little bit
But then you realise your hormones are in a fit
Of anxiety, fear, gloom and sorrow
For you don't know how lonely you will be tomorrow
Dark are thy words, not your soul though
Don't pent up your emotions just let them go
They may come and say you bore with your depression
But they aren't aware that what you are facing is suppression and repression
Go ahead don't look behind
Even though the dark shadows will come back to remind
With all its past memories that still flood your brain
But are those worthy enough to let ur soul drain in vain
Whatever they say let them judge
You came alone and will leave alone, so what is the grudge?
Smile and make your way through the night
For you are your saviour, my brave knight