I'll love you still
Your eyes have guaranteed the kill
Love does not come at a short notice, it has a fairly long bill.
My miniscule attempts at making you swoon,
I have already cried out to the world, telling them you're my boon.

Everyday I wrap my arms around my pillow wishing it were you
Love as an emotion was all that took root inside my soul, all that sprouted and grew.

I think the future is ours in the making,
Me and you for evermore,
I can't hold no grudge
The pain inside my chest is creating a bad bedsore.

This is not an epic or a tale of folklore
This isn't a work of fiction or anything that is more
I hope I don't come across as the guy who is an incessant bore
But life's lessons are taught in a manner which is bold
To you my heart and soul I have sold.
© Dhritiman