A visit to rose garden
#RoseDay #RoseDay🌹

There was a boulevard,
with rows of wild rose,
displayed in full view,
so humbly it did grow.

The ancestral beauty,
fewer petals but simple beauty,
with different shades of pink,
protected by the pointy thorns.

As I walked admiring,
towards the garden of flowers,
getting my hand on few stars,
celebrating today as a tokenism.

So I arrived at my destination,
welcomed by God's poetic creation,
greeted with array of colors,
presented in flowerbeds of each section.

Red, blue, black and white,
orange, purple, green and yellow,
with some blooming around the corner,
or captivating over the arbor.

So mesmerizing are these roses,
no wonder, they are written in proses,
as a symbol of love and relationship,
worth growing at home, or gifts from any trip.

A small sapling is all I needed,
to grow in personal roof garden,
brought from the nearby nursery,
and fulfill my simple courtesy.

As I plant this at home,
wishing for a full blossom,
when I do have a need,
may I use it as a tribute...
to commemorate this day.

© Dr. Manish Rout