your the greatest man in the world, and all of the above, I'm here today to give you my love. how many dad's did I have, I thought I had two, and now everything is beautiful because I have you. your the best dad I ever had, you make me smile you make me laugh. hold me tight and never let go, you're an amazing super hero. you give everybody your love and everybody your time, but today your the star so will make you shine. there are special moments between us that can not be broken apart, you are my everything, you belong inside my heart. you're a gentleman, so sweet and nice, and I am proud to have you in my life. I want to say thank you for everything you've done, today is your day you are number one. you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be free, I won't stop loving you and you won't stop loving me. you are amazing in a very different way, but you are a hero that always saves the day. one day you'll walk me and Irma down the Ile, but until that day I want to see you smile. we probably aggravate you that's why you get gray hair, but you love us unconditionally because you always care. you got me through anything from when I was a little girl, you and mom are my everything, and part of my world. your a great dad, you always protected us, you are our miracle that has the special touch. everyone wants a dad like you, you truly are a keeper, but you are a role-model, a natural born leader. when I'm depressed and I start to cry, you encourage me to touch the sky. you are understanding, you are really worth it, I wish other kids, had a dad like you, because you are so perfect. you stand there waiting when I fall behind, that's because you're a gentleman and oh so very kind. you have always been my friend ever since I was three, and all that I ask is that you love me unconditionally. when I have felt depressed, all those tears that I have cried, you are my joy, my comfort, my peace, and my pride. you always work hard but you used to work for the city, and when things get tragic you make them look pretty. as father and daughter we always win, thanks for loving me and taking me in. God did so good, blessing me with a father who did all he could. you taught me about life, you taught me how to save money, but some people don't get is that your really smart and funny. I see a better me looking through your eyes, I didn't know I was gonna have a dad like you, well hey I am surprised. you lifted me up whenever I felt crazy, you love your wife and girls like were your little babies. you're the perfect father, that is true, and I will always love you, I will love forever again and again, your not only my father but your forever my friend.