The Sun that never set
Like merging of horizons of two people that never met
The sky full of Stars
Like the girl whose arms were covered with scars
The river full of fishes
Like the children who could never fulfill their wishes
The night that didn't shine with Moon
Like the little boy's mind that couldn't escape it's own doom
The sea full of pearls
Like two lovers who will see eachother in different worlds
The leaves that fall off the tree
Like the fallen soul that can't be free
The most beautiful song
Like the life story of the little girl who had no one along
The quietest dawn
Like the old lady who had no one to mourn
The calmest sea
Like the soulmates who weren't meant to be
The morning that's filled with mist
Like the memories of old friends with unfulfilled bucket list
The sunlight that's brightest
Like the King who shone after winning all his conquest.
© Prajakta