A Poet's Tale I
To my Friend, Sebastian.

I arrived in the bustling shore
Lively people, markets, and houses with grandeur decor
I walked along the town of Moore
To find a place to build my store

Tis beautiful to settle in the land of Moore
They have trinkets, knickknacks, and items galore
I went some more to explore
Oh, how I wish you were here my friend of yore

I bought a suit to wear
A new watch with gems so rare
Some shiny wax to fix my hair
Items to make the women stare

I found a store to buy
Although grotesque it is to the eye
The bustling shore is nigh
The odds I will defy

Have trinkets, knickknacks, and items of endless supply
Generate profits that will sail the sky
I fixed my suit and knot my tie
I went outside for the townsfolk to hear my cry

I went to the streets to declare
The Townsfolk gave me their stare
And a peasant asking for some spare

Oh, How hard it is to manage my store
To just stare at a closed door
But this is the life that I adore
To live in the land of Moore

I met this old man from the land of Torre
He taught me how to manage my store
He said he used to work with Mr. Montefiore
The owner of my rival store

This man made me a prodigy
I made my competitors look like a mockery
Soon I had enough money to buy more property
I built a monopoly

With the land of Moore in my grasp
Although there are still many tasks
Perhaps I shall take a break from my masque
In the land of Moore I felt my bask

My friend, I wrote this letter for you
I hope you come to visit and taste my Moorean stew
I'd like to show you how much I grew
Join me and see the Moorean view

Your Dear Friend,
Jonathan Reese Sinclair