"Resurrected Echoes: A Tale of Two Moments"
What a tale, my dear...
It's been a while since we spoke, just two moments shared,
I thought I had forgotten you by now.
Yet, at the mention of you, my soul doesn't remain still,
But yesterday, in just two moments of conversation,
Buried in my chest, love came alive again.

That person, still alive, endlessly in love with you,
Look at the play of the universe; you have changed,
But look into my heart; your voice,
Heard today, revives that buried love and passion within.

Even today, these eyes long to see a glimpse of your image,
Countless days and nights spent immersed in thoughts of you,
And today, when I buried my heart,
A mere glance of you resurrects a trembling soul within me.
© _gottaloveruhii