Feast on your pain
I drew the stars at night for you,
When your night sky was too clear.
I lit your life,
When all there was,
Was darkness.
Those roses in your room,
I was the one who bought them.
All the pictures of you,
I was the one who took them.
I forgave you when you were not sorry,
Stood by your side when you sent me away.
Tried to heal your pain when you hid it from everyone.
Now I'm standing alone at my darkest time,
And you are nowhere to be found.
Guess I should kiss letting go.
Hold on tight,
You told me to.
Then walked away without hesitating.
God knows I tried.
To stay by your side.
You hurt me.
And now I hope you're happy with my sister.
I'm not.
Hope she breaks you like John.
Slice your heart,
Ruins all the good parts and,
Invites me over to feast on you.
To feast on your pain.
I hope she breaks your heart and your bones.
Hope her violence awakes.
So that I can feast on you.
Feast on your pain.
I do wish that but,
I still worry about you.
She is handful,
I wonder will you survive.
© Mine Vitan