An Apology To My Mum
Mum I am sorry for the years we spent apart,
The unheard apology will always weigh heavily on my heart.
Too young to understand your battle with mental strife,
You were simply told to get a grip of your life.
As a child I witnessed your invisible fight with your mind,
Your illness consumed you, once you were sweet but you
turned unkind.
Haunted by flashbacks of violence, my childhood was unfair,
Our relationship was fractured and ruined by your despair.
We were estranged, I was unaware of the pain you endured,
An illness I couldn’t comprehend until I matured.
Your final moments were spent alone thinking no one cared,
Aching for forgiveness and our bond to be repaired.
If I could turn back time I would change what was our fate,
I could hold you close and whisper ‘I love you’ before it’s too
The opinions of others tainted my thoughts as I grew,
Growing up without you was a challenge I came through.
Now that your gone I carry guilt and regret deep down inside,
Our good times and bad times are memories I will cherish with
Mental health understanding washed away all the stigma and
So I hope you smile down and are proud of the woman I
As your daughter I was yearning for my mother’s love,
So mum I hope my apology reaches you in the heavens above.
Love Donna
© MrsO27