Seeking Truths in Percept
In the depths of thought, I dive,
Seeking truths that keep alive,
Yet as I ponder, I confess —
Perception's touch can often bless.

Amidst the echoes of the mind,
Whispers of purpose intertwined,
I grasp at thoughts that swiftly flee,
Like shadows cast across the sea.

A puzzle formed of thoughts unseen,
I hold the pieces in between,
How fleeting is this grasp I find,
As they slip through the hands of time.

Oh, can I hold them, firm and tight,
Defying the currents of endless night?
Can I shield them from fate's cruel scheme,
And rescue them from an endless dream?

In the realm where consciousness streams,
I chase the fragments of my dreams,
A mirror of reality's gleam,
Or just an illusion's seam?

Deeper still, the psyche weaves,
Threads of meaning, as it deceives,
A tapestry of hopes and fears,
Guiding us through life's unknown frontiers.

Yet as I stand on this precipice,
I question what reality is,
Is perception truth, or a shade's play?
In the end, can we truly say?

In the theater of existence, we strive,
To grasp the essence, to feel alive,
But as grains of insight slip away,
We wonder if they were meant to stay.

O Seeker! Can we truly find,
The depths of truths within the mind?
Or are we destined to simply glean,
Glimpses of a grander scheme?

So I ask, as you once did before,
In echoes of thought, I implore,
Is reality as it may seem,
Merely a dream within a dream?
Poet : DrSandeepShri
© Legitimate Doctrines