A Girl Named Brooke
Crystalline caverns full of love
Showers of your generosity, far above
Without her my heart is split in two
I’ve never met someone, quite like you

Radiating warmth, when she walks into a room
Others are drawn to her, like an addictive perfume
Squishy cheeks and soft wavy hair,
This girl is stunningly beautiful everywhere

A sugared smile, Aphrodite’s lips
A heavenly voice, with feminine hips
A natural born leader, driven for success
Everyday I spend with her, I grow more impressed

Trusting and loyal, considerate and kind
She’d listen to me anytime I needed to whine
Depth in conversations, intellectual prose
We were beautiful but damaged, like an isolate, bloody rose

Shared laughter together, soulful cries
These are the things I hope to remember,
When I’ve caved in, and hopelessly died

But don’t cry little dove, a piece of me is left inside of you
Just as a piece of a person is left with everyone,
When death becomes the endgame truth.
© VeyaRaya