Because _ love
An excerpt from the story (upcoming story) true love ❤️

.......Because -love
A reckon poem 📋
.......Is right there waiting for you at the unguided unit

Preparing for a time bomb surgery

No emails needed for a few warning

Thorough out the weeks of non existence

It finally find an existence
Thorough white mails and filled red velvet

Thinking it wasn't ready to capture heart
Thinking It wasn't ready to capture you

Pretending to mind Itself

But it minded a little bit of you

Free heart checked leaped in pieces with fastened gas

Still it mind Itself like a guided ark
Sounded simple but had a tough heart

Sounded simple but It had a rough heart

Sooner It got jammed by a long road ahead to the old filing department

Sparing It to collide with an open space of stupidity

Remarks about the dense area with dangerous games

What players could play such in the middle of Slump

See It have all of u behind walls
Walls that makes excuses and stupid demands

Walls of laws thriving like oxford chemical

Check it spill on you or lest it meet you in beguiled moments

Whilst moments leads to emotions

But having beguiled emotions out of moments

Having birthed it out of pains .

Expecting to release a free share of heart check ?

It thought it was finding fear but finding lost moment

Oh what a loser

Like a loser he plyed thorough the routes of stupidity

At the end It was finding pains .

............ poet by

... . .......... Jose blessing
© oneb