My Brown Eyes 🤎
Before didn't like the color of my eyes,
Called it a dull and dirty brown.
Wished for the deep blue of an ocean,
Where admirer's hearts would drown,
And it pained me when I realized
I didn't see it as he did,
He enunciates told me,
when I look into your eyes
The way your eyes hint at a story
They hold specks of stolen rays,
That miss with just one glimpse,
And the depth of raw emotion.
That can freeze reveries,
But hold a gaze that's so unwavering,
That I find it hard to meet,
Brown of earth's unfettered beauty.
And I hope you never say it again,
That your eyes are simply Brown.

-Janhavi M. N🌻
© Janhavi M. Nivendkar🌻