Feelings Forest
creature of the trees oh won't you please sing to me,
I hear the whistles in the wind,
alas I can finally breathe again,
the frogs used to croak all around,
but now I can hear no noise, no sound,
fairies would whisper sweet melodies,
while drinking their sweet milk and honey teas,
Waterfall would roar louder than lions,
will we get magic back?
believe me, I'm tryin.
spix macaws, eastern rosellas,
all the birds were my friends, my fellas,
as they soared through the sky, danced in the air,
this forest was alive with music everywhere.
But where did it go?
why did it die?
why did all of the creature become shy?
Why was there always gloomy smog in the sky?
There's a witch with all answers, she might tell you why.
She lives in the forest by a babbling brook,
you can follow the trail of potions she cooks,
see gleams from her wand, hear her chants from a book.
in her small cottage she sits, field filled in tall wildflowers,
you found finally after some hours.
the witch shouts,
"Dear sweet child, what bring you here?"
"The forest has grew dark I fear,
for I don't know why,
or what to do,
that is why I came to you."
I sink myself into a chair,
inside her cottage and hide behind my hair.
"I see." she says, I sit there with a frown,
"Poor sweet child, you have lost your crown.
Your insides are dark, you heart is heavy,
the smog in the sky is from the empty feeling in your belly.
The lock on your heart is shattered, cracked,
when's the last time someone has had your back?
Rain pouring from your eyes is filled with faded memories,
you need to figure out who you are, who you're meant to be. "
As she told me these words, I took it all in,
What's my story, when does that begin?
A few days have gone by,
the sun starts to peak from the leaves,
the witch in the cottage helped find my key,
She teaches me love,
to love myself,
I AM enough, I have a purpose,
The witch taught me and I will serve it.

#selflove #forest #depression #fantasy #witch #magic #sad #sadness
© Amira Rose