To you my love...
In the world that contain
just you and I
right from imagination....
until building our own nation
joy...laughter and many more
we sheared
leading me through expectations
flying in the skies
and resting with the stars
the moon just a witness
of all words that were said
and it gave the feel of it all
so loss together...,
in our world, where we knew just ourselves
in the dark we love
for poets we became
and words we played with
for my sake,
you did all you liked not
writing became your hobby
a minute of not hearing from each other....
was just like half a year....
but it's been days now
which is certainly more than a century
and not even a dot through SMS
let alone a call or WhatsApping
it's been so dark in your absence my dear
and the dark scareds me now
for the moon teases so much
and the stars turn to gossip a lot
I wait each and everyday to hear from you
please come soon
I really do misses you my love