Moonlit Ballet: Symphony of Nature's Embrace

Beneath the moonlit barn, a calf takes its first breath,
Dreamy whispers in the air, a melody of nature's depth.
Under the moon's soft glow, love's symphony plays,
Dancing with trees, in a tranquil, timeless ballet.

A well reflects a starry sky, where fishes dance in trance,
Lotus dreams unfurl at dusk, a ballet of gentle romance.
A chorus of swans in flight, courage they bring,
Their wings unfurl, in epic tales they sing.

Imagination weaves a realm where reality takes flight,
Fields of dreams, where the soul wanders in pure delight.
Nature's lullaby soothes, a soft, enchanting tune,
In this dreamy landscape, under the silvery moon.

So let's embrace the farm's embrace, a haven so divine,
Where love, hope, and courage gracefully intertwine.
In this realm of peace, with nature as our guide,
We find joy in each moment, side by side.

© Aboorva