Farewell My Pals
To those who I know,
It was your misfortune we met,
I caused your misery,
My life is a waste,
Sad tears flow down my eyes,
Wishing we could start,
But it is impossible,
You'll just get hurt even more,
Staying with me is endless pain,
I decided, but it's still too painful,
If you had any memories of me,
Burn them and remember them no more,
Don't try to call or text,
It makes it even harder,
Pain is inevitable,
I watched them leave,
They left one after another,
I didn't even get to bid them farewell,
But to the stars and sky,
To the oceans and nature,
I bid the farewell hoping you hear it,
These are my last words,
I am drowning slowly,
I drown farther away and deeper,
I don't want to lose the chance...
The chance to bid... farewell
© YahBaBlack