Threads of Hopelessness
In the twill of moments woven with care,
A tale of love's burden, I have left to spare.
A friendship cherished, hidden in the depths,
A secret, locked in silent breaths.

With each passing day, my heart found solace there,
In the laughter we shared, in the memories we'd bear.
Though I knew she'd never truly be mine,
I reveled in the moments, like stolen time.

But destiny's hand unveiled my concealed desire,
She learned the truth, set my heart afire.
Slowly, she slipped away, our bond growing thin,
Leaving me shattered, with pain deep within.

To witness her now, with another close by,
Their connection blossoming, like a gentle sigh.
Their conversations, smiles, a cruel twist of fate,
Breaking my heart, sealing my lonely state.

Hopelessness seeps through my weary veins,
As love's tender dream fades, replaced by pains.
In solitude I stand, lost in the dark,
For the friendship we shared, now left with a mark.

And so I dwell in sadness, a mournful plea,
Longing for a love that can never be.
The memories we made, now tinged with sorrow,
Leaving me stranded, with no hope for tomorrow.

No lands or realms can mend my broken
As I yearn for a love that will never be whole.
The beauty of our friendship, forever lost,
Leaving me hopeless, in sadness I'm engrossed.

In the tapestry of moments, I find despair,
A love unrequited, too heavy to bear.
For in the end, all I am left to find
Is hopelessness and sadness, consuming my mind.
© davidsaju