On standby
Feeling emotional
Yet numbness is keeping me on hold
Like I´m burning inside
But my heart is wrapped by sturdy cold

I´m quite aware
That my mind is slowly shutting down
Like it´s giving up
Leaving an empty shell to wander this town

It´s always been my way
To use this solution to shield my heart
To quickly lock it away
Before the throbbing pain can even start

Body on standby
Maneuvered by an emergency protocol
Until I´m safely at home
It will be in charge and be in total control

They´ll see me dead cold
Wondering how I can be so unaffected
Maybe even heartless
Just because I don´t act like I´m expected

I could even smile
Like a failed system it would spread
Ignoring the alarm
That keeps ringing in my messed up head

But I´ll make it
It won´t let me break down outside
It´ll let go
When I finally find a lonely place to hide

© BellaWritingHere