Im feeling impersonal
I feel sonder,
Its bringing me into a suitable state of somber.
Gift me awareness, give with it pain.
Show me the aspect I'll tuck away , deep in my brain.

Breed my uncomfort, keep in my heart.
Busy bodied intruisive thoughts running amuck
Ideas of all I want is to love and be loved,
but make actions and statements leading to none of the above.
What exactly do I know of me,
Blended into all I see
Aware for me, but also blind,
Full of anxious, sick am I.

I feel anxious, Im feeling weak.
Blurry sight, tears imposing on me.
So overwhelmed, this baggage is heavy, so is my heart.
Need to cut ties,
but I've no strength to use the blade, its hard.

© Jada E. Clark