I could be
How do I become an avatar?

Am I angsty or is my life just a lie?
Is there a true savior or is that just a comforting lie?
Something to help the poor sleep at night.
Keep the pain away at night.
Something to make their lives seem a little more bright.

Where I come from– regrettably far away.
We talk of God but we don't follow him.
We fuck while wearing crosses.
Some of us are so privileged, we don't even claim a god.

Sometimes it seems like 'us' is just me.
In the middle class, evil apples don't grow from a tree.
You could be an astronaut if you passed a spelling bee.
Life is easy.

I couldn't take your faith away.
No matter how much it harms you, anyway.

So how do I be an avatar?
The hero my people truly need.

Is it just through this poetry?
Or do I have to make Ubuntu beats?
What's it take to appear holy
but not pretend to be all-knowing?

I want to be the one my people need
not the lie they think they deserve.
A real human with flaws is the cure.

How do I become that avatar?

© DolorTheDaimone