Bubble Pop
When you become aware of your surroundings,

You realize that maybe you're not enough.

Can you recall the time that you started trying?

And at what point life turned out so rough?

I'm traveling in a road, where no one looks at me,

But when they do, i cannot breathe.

When i was a kid i usually played with toys,

Creating worlds like a childish god.

Memories refreshing my life that lost it's joy,

But even sad i gave my all.

My swet and blood will make rains of success,

I'll stay right here, where i should go?

Oh my God, should i pray for closure?

Or should i try once more?

I wasn't prepared to lose my mom,

To be a man, I'm not mature enough.

I don't fit in any space,

Too old and yet too young,

To hide my face or fight for more...

But even sad i'll give my all....


I will make you proud.

© Nate's Pen Still Works