Scattered Dreams

We always plan a life like a wonderful painting,
But sometimes, we somehow paint a foggy landscape.
Fools will lay still like a rock and never stop complaining.
But the keen will stand up and paint over a prettier shape.
Only to realize it's all a disillusion we painted in our minds to hide the ugly truth.
This life we live in vain holds only truth,
yet we are blinded by what we see while our eyes are wide open
and when tomorrow comes it only leave us with more disappointment.
So while we plan a life with perfect lines and colors underneath it all lies blood, pain and scatter of the mess we've made
searching for something never to be found and in the darkness hides the most peaceful sounds.
Yes, fools stay still like rocks sinking in water but the keen will rise and pretend it all matters.
There is no painting over mistakes nor scars just a prison we dwell made of flesh and bars.

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