Song of the morning

Emerging from its home on branches wide outspread,
with bright feathers which show a colorful red.
Singing a song of joy that echoes nature's renewal,
as the sun rises like some gigantic glowing jewel.

Which brings forth beauty from dark and gloom,
as flowers fill the world with colors in every bloom.
Which when combined together make up a masterpiece,
unequaled in all of creation bringing inner peace.

Being a source for inspiration by poets and artists,
who create worlds where every form of life coexists.
Sharing what's provided without prideful regard,
reliant on each other when times are very hard.

Although if it's a good say and the air is sweet,
then everybody celebrates a new morning to greet
As their voices are raised high,carried far away,
letting the world know that they're here to stay.

© Renopoet