Shatter Me pt.1
Oh how i wished to twist
That perfect smile of yours into a mist
Those golden hair just like a crown
You're beautiful even when you frown

I hate that you're too gorgeous to resist
But now i know someone for me exist
With my love I ran away from you, but
This secret revealed, also to me is new.

For the first time in my life i had a hope
That i will be free forever from the rope
But you come to me pretending to be true
Telling me to be powerful and love you...

And oh dear lord your desperate kiss
This sensation between us is a bliss
But this is just your insanity
And you're a monster with no humanity

I don't want to fall in your trap
It's just your manipulations' map
I can love but i will offer you none
In your chest you deserve bullets of a gun

The sound of my demon was like a music
Because this time the person wasn't tragic
It was you and look at the magic, for you
I don't feel anything but sympathetic

I found my people and a new home
But searching for me you always roam
I can't help but think of you
How psychotic twisted and sick to be true

I hate myself but i agree you're beautiful In ways no other man can be
I wanted to not believe that dog
In your lap was dancing with glee

I don't want to believe that
Without you i was empty
Maybe you weren't a monster
The burden you carry was heavy

It's making me crazy i can't understand
Who you really are
The pain you beared
from my imagination are so far

It's killing me how I'm attracted to you
The way you have all my darkest thoughts
Inside your head or maybe your heart?That's unfair you don't want me to know

Those emerald green eyes
Hide more than a million lies
But that innocent beauty of yours says
So much painful otherwise

But what next? The scars on your back
And i, traumatized, halted on my track
So horrified by the possibility
How can your father not feel guilty?

And for the first time in my life
Not even after i try a million times
I can't hate you, it's not like i didn't try
Because somehow it made me cry

I can't help but disagree how can
Someone be treated so badly?
How can you be such an impostor,
Pretending to be a monster?

I want to be your friend but
You want to be the friend i Hopelessly,
Fall in love with, the friend whom i take
Into the world inside my head

It makes me feel disgusted
Why do they want you dead?
I am not embarrassed, you can touch me
But my love thinks about it so curtly.

I don't know why it makes me comfortable
That sharing my thoughts with you
Is the easiest thing i would be able to do,
How can I make you feel re-livable?

And now we're in my room,
Kissing like there's no tomorrow,
Clinging to each other for dear life,
But that's when the time comes of sorrow.

I can't be with you, you're
Not good enough you told me yourself,
That's the biggest lie i ever said,
But still i keep it repeating to myself.

It was worse than the bullet i shot you,
You're finding the river of love in dry wells,
You saved my life knowing completely,
That I love someone else....

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If you're a lover of the world of words You must read Shatter me series✨.

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