hurting myself
"Ouch" I let out an agonizing scream
As my thoughts prick away
Wondering if everything is a lie,or a dream
Slowly falling for every word they say
Yet there actions don't match their words
So I'm left hurting myself with expectations
Their careless behavior cutting like blades of swords
Heart guarded mind making its own negative creations
For I know if someone meant something they said they're actions would match too
For if they don't match up the words are a lie who knew?
They show certain patterns time and time again
Telling the same tales until I ask when?
Yet my heart whilst guarded still keeps a torch of hope
Clenching to every word like a saving rope
Eventually it gets to the point where I can't blame them anymore
Cause I'm the one that keeps hurting myself
My mind bloodied and filled with gore
They aren't the first to do it why am I damaging my mental health?
By indulging in their lies
If they cared they would respond to my cries
But nothing, just the same game
that I'm tired of replaying its getting quite lame
So I tell my heart to stay caged
It's cracking sound has left me in enraged
Yet I whisper to myself again
Why are you hurting yourself?
it's not good for your mental health

© eve_is_a_poet