Unrequited love
The days were unending as were the nights,
She waited and waited and waited,
But there seemed no hope in sight…
He did not come back to her,
It was enough to tell her,
That he did not feel the same but yet,
She continued hoping and praying,
That one day tables would turn,

With the same hope lighting her path,
She aroused from her depressed state,
Her silhouette clean and well groomed,
Towards the mall she walked,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of him,
Looking as miserable as she felt,
Just like she hoped, there he was a vision to behold,
The beau clung to him made her heart drop heavily,

With tears blinding her vision,
She ran off to the deserted parking lot,
And painfully wept,
She distraughtly accepted that,
The bloke she loved loved her not,
And tragically,she would never experience such a love,
A love so strong for any mortal to decipher,
And ironically, she loved with the same intensity,