Atlantis: Titan's Reach
"The higher, the fewer." STTNG


A #WRITCO Collaboration



the Traveler

the Companion





I scaled the Mountain of Olympus to Meet the Titans Face to Face
On the Island of Atlantis I scoured the Earth for their Hidden Place
But when I cracked the Ice and Melted the Shelf they were without a Trace
For they had always Ventured Deep Within Bunkered at its Base

And Lord Zeus spoke to me saying "Why have you come forth to this Place?"

"I knew the world was in shambles, I knew not no one's Face."

"Depart from us for we never knew thee!"

And I cried bitterly, for my plight He did not See.

But Athena was gracious and called unto me "You Journey ends not, for you are Enlightened. Titans are Selfish but we too are Frightened."

"Then working together then maybe we'll Win. As the Darkness falls far from our incredible Sin."

And she threw me into the Wind on Icarus' Wings. Off in the Night as the Moonbeams did Sing. He tarried with me, from near unto far "This is your place, second from the right this here Star."

I Looked
It was Earth
It was Cooked
And a Rebirth

It was then I realized that though I was surprised
From Death came new Life
So with Tears I accepted the Strife.



And I seek Hyperion
Over my endless moon.
In the dark age
I sing for pleasure...
And adventure 
And a murder
And then, after
The light, I'll sleep next to Eos
Wake up in cosmic chaos
She's my knowledge and truth.
"Review my life, good Lord!"
My salvation slipped from my soul
or stolen by the sea of fear and cowards. 
I summoned the thunder—
Hear me calling—
To consume my decaying peace
It's an addiction that I regret taking.
Give me some tears for this aching...
My prometheus, who gave me fire
Why'd you punish him
For granting us his knowledge?
"Review my life, good Lord!"
Themis's on my side.
Themis's on my guide.
Look at the government
And you'll see that we live for trickery
Look at the news—a sad announcement
And you'll see that we live in archery
The hunt, we all are
As hunters, our actions are
Achiever, if we all win
Deceiver by our skin.
And if you ever throw me
Into the wind on Icarus's wings again,
I'll rise from the water like Poseidon,
I'll build fire from the water of dawn,
I'll never stop seeking Hyperion
Over my endless moon.


© I Am MichAel

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