A victim's scream
A crime so vile, even God can't forgive,
A five-year-old girl, a life to live,
Snatched away by a monster in disguise,
And now, she's left to suffer and agonize.

Her screams for help fell on deaf ears,
As the predator unleashed his worst fears,
No one came to her rescue or aid,
And now her innocence, forever betrayed.

The agony she faces, no words can describe,
Her body and soul, forever deprived,
Of the freedom and love that once she knew,
All that's left is pain and a lifetime of rue.

How could we let this happen in our midst?
Why didn't we raise our voices, make a fist?
Against the injustice, against the crime,
Why didn't we act in time?

The society that failed to protect,
The family left to suffer and reflect,
On the broken system, the lack of care,
On the pain and suffering they must bear.

Let us raise our voices, demand justice for all,
Let us stand together, heed the call,
For a world where every child is safe and secure,
And where justice and love forever endure.
© Avinash David