The sun coming though the window
The sun is coming through my window as I’m sipping a cup of coffee.
Part of me wants to close the blinds because I don’t want to squint my eyes
But another part of me welcomes it,
It’s the loneliness I despise.

It’s quite here, I can hear the fan
as if it’s trying to speak.
It’s almost as if, it’s trying to say
“You need to go back to sleep”

But I can’t because I’m wide awake
My thoughts are running free.
Thinking about my past mistakes
And what you did to me.

I find myself resenting life
but holding to the truth.
It pains me to see your broken heart
I wish I could remove.

Remove the things that caused your pain
Remove the hurt within.
But like the sun you close your blinds and never let me in.

© JustAnotherInkling🎨