A Handwritten Note
Do you still receive a simple note in this digital age,
Or has it been replaced by a quick text?

Do you still give a handwritten card with words of love,
Or has it been replaced by a virtual hug?

In a world of screens and endless scroll
Where emotions are typed and not truly told
Do we still value the power of a pen
To convey our feelings, again and again

A handwritten card, a piece of paper
Holds more sentiment than a computer caper
For it carries the touch of a human hand
And the essence of a love that's grand

In a world of hustle and constant rush
A handwritten note can make our hearts hush
It is a reminder of simpler times
When love was expressed in heartfelt rhymes

Let us not forget the power of a pen
And the joy that a handwritten note can bring
For in this fast-paced world, it is a precious treasure.

© Lai Montes