Breathe (Exhale)
Tell Me You Love Me, Each Moment You Get.
I Know That You've Missed Me, From The Taste Of Your Lips.
So Dance With Me Slowly, Even If For A Bit.
Show Me Your Devotion, Place Your Hands On My Hips.
Now Pull Me In Closely, Watch The Time Float, Adrift.
As You Talk To Me Slowly, Each Moment Again
I Cherish You Wholey, Cause I Know You're A Gift.
And When You're Lonely, Call My Name, Innocence.
I Feel Right At Home, When I'm Lost In Your Grip,
Each Second I Travel, A Voyage Of Trips
I'm Reminded In The Shadow Of Your Mind,
The Mirage You Equip,
The Fabrication Of Beauty,
The Magic Within,
Leaves Me Searching And Searching,
For The Reason We Exist.