Your Touch
In the quiet hush of night's embrace,
I love the feel of your skin against mine,
Like silk and satin interlaced,
A symphony of senses intertwined.

Each touch, a whispered melody,
Each caress, a verse profound,
Our bodies dance in harmony,
In this sacred space we've found.

A tapestry of love and longing,
Painted with each gentle sigh,
In this moment, we are belonging,
Underneath the moonlit sky.

Your skin, a canvas soft and sweet,
I trace your contours with my fingertips,
Lost in this love so pure, complete,
My heart with joy and passion dips.

So let me revel in this bliss,
In the feeling of your skin against mine,
A love like this, I'll never miss,
In your touch, my soul aligns.
© Dawson Media