We Stared at the Moon
She doesn’t see what I see.
I’d catch a grenade,
I’m willing to bleed.
I love her in a way,
that she could never love me.
Am I delusional?
Maybe she just can’t see.
That every time I’m with her,
my heart skips a beat.
I guess it’s the way she amazes me.
She really eases my mind.
Around her I get the most sleep.
She’s patient with me.
Even when I’m broke and cheap.
This feeling hurts,
it makes it hard to sleep.
Tipsy on a late night,
I think I’m finna weep.
We stared at the moon together.
You should be here sleeping with me.
Love is so unbearable.
The bestfriend wants to be a boyfriend,
I wish I could plea.
I choose not to ruin a friendship.
I choose not to say a peep.
These are my feelings.
It feels like INSANITY!!!!
But this is where I reside,
I guess it’s where I’m supposed to be.
I need a miracle from this tragedy.


By: SilenceTheKidd
© SilenceTheKidd