Silent Stares
Looking from far,
I was just keeping my eyes on you.
Keeping track of the web of lies!
With the healing,
Still in the back seat;
I wondered, about past and future.

Pondering upon the possibilities,
Conjuring up some scenario's.
Where and when,
We will meet again !
Still the fog of deceit,
lurking in the back.

Malicious Intent's got revealed,
Word's were said, things were done!
All irreversible,
With no going back in sight.

Past became a flim,
Present became a theme!
Future in the corner,
doing nothing but waiting to enter.

All I do is to play the role of
slient observer,
Just a mere puppet I'm!
String's are pulled,
Music is played.
Let the show begin,
On the date I said.

© Ari