This moment
There is a moment when we become infinite. when I feel the dust of your stars inside me, when I die and am reborn, when the cosmos lives on your lips.

There is a time when ruin and glory taste the same. a moment, an instant, a particle of time, in which I feel that nothing fits inside me anymore, that you have covered everything.

I existed at one time, inside your chest. I do not question our reason for being, but the reason for loving. I want to become intangible at your side, I want to be a concept that inhabits your mind.

There is a moment when you fill my darkness with your light. when there is a storm and the smell of rain invades the millimeter space between our bodies; and the day seems wetter inside than outside.

You break my soul every time you enter, but I suffer more when you leave it. Your thoughts are revealed by your look. The window fogs up even though it stops raining. and I feel that in me, there is more of you than in yourself.

There is a moment, a very small moment, in which I dream of being the moon of your life, orbiting around your eyes.

© Angelica(L) Disaster