Who are you?
Lost in the currents of thought,
you were the one I sought,
After all the crap we fought,
Is it all for naught?

Did all I could and still wasn't enough,
Guess this is gonna be rough,
Good thing god made me tough,
Wanted to show you the good stuff.

Hope you are happy this way,
My days will be forever grey,
Wish we could let it lay,
And have a good day of play.h

Again I'm sorry for my faults,
For my off the wall summersaults,
Can we put the hate on halt,
Possibly go back to defaults?

I don't know what you want,
But I won't taunt,
I love you
That's true

Lost in the currents of thought,
I blindly fell for your plot,
In the web of lies you were caught,
All feelings and love forgot.

Who are you?
© Abstraktkonsiousness