Let go...
The Darkness in the Empty Room
The Peace, the quiet
The smoke of that cigarette
The place where I can still hear your voice,
Where I can still see the kisses that we shared.
I wonder where did all the good things went ?
Are they hiding under my bed ?
Now, all I can see is your face.
All I can hear is the whisper of your breath.
I still remember that day,
The day you left,
The day you broke my heart,
The day you told me to let go...
But how can I ?
How can I let you go ?
How can I let go of the person that keeps me alive ?
How can I let go of you?
When you're the only person I can call my own.
And now all I have left is a hole in my heart,
The hole where you once lived.
But maybe it was all just a lie...
Maybe you weren't real,
Maybe you were just another dream.
The only thing that's real is the pain,
The fact that I cry myself to sleep every night,
The fact that I still see you in my dreams,
The fact that I can still see your smile.
But I don't know what to do anymore,
I don't know whether I should cry,
I don't know if I should blame you or myself.
I don't know how to let go...
Tell me, how could I ever let you go???
© thepainsheleft...