What is autism
What is Autism
What is right,
What is just,
We the people, the doctors, the teachers,
We point, we label we treat.
We know the one with Autism.

Do you really?
Do you really understand?
For I have grown,
For I have traits of ASD.
Worse still, tomorrow may never come.
For autism am I.

Trapped in chains,
bags of traits
locked in place,
padlocks locked
keys forever lost.

nowhere to breathe
nowhere to run
for these traits of ASD
will play their part.

feelings overwhelming,
Sensoria's to hell and back.
overlord reaching to the stars and beyond,
meltdown approaches.
I could go on and list my traits of all,
When there is no need,
when you the people
when you the just,
know what’s right
as what you see,
is what you say.

but there is one other.
one other little side.
quite often overlooked.
Patterns of lines are friends of mine,
I’m loyal and reliable as quiet can be.
Non-judgmental as God made me.
Deception, she’s far too awkward to be a part of me.
Yet my eyes, kept deep within the detail, searching for those hidden treasures of number’s scattered deep within a map.
Repetition can be quite extraordinary.
Yet creative thinking can take me to the Milky Way and back.
For visual and auditory Skills, well, what can I say. There secondary to none. Major Tom would blow his mind
And least for yesterday I will always remember yesterday. For yesterday I do not forget.
For I am autism and autism is me.